The Oxnard Noontimers Lions Club was established in 1954. For over 100 years, Lions have served with uncommon kindness, putting the needs of our neighbors, our communities and our world first. Through the incredible work of our Lion and Leo members, and the support of our association and our global foundation, we are serving a world in need together. The service of Lions reaches around the planet. Serving in over 200 countries and geographic areas, our 48,000 clubs and 1.4 million members are helping others and making communities better, one project at a time. It all begins in our local communities with kind-hearted individuals joining together to take action.

Lions and Leos serve in so many ways. Our clubs choose how to best help their communities, and we also have some global causes we’re passionate about as an organization. We also have fully developed programs, service resources, funding opportunities for Lions and Leos, and organizational support for eight global causes and a number of special initiatives. These eight global causes are:

  1. Childhood Cancer – Lions provide support for the needs of children and families affected by childhood cancer.
  2. Diabetes – Lions work to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and improve quality of life for those living with diabetes.
  3. Disaster Relief – Lions take steps to meet immediate needs and provide long-term support for communities devastated by natural disasters.
  4. Environment – Lions find ways to protect the environment to create healthier communities and a more sustainable world.
  5. Humanitarian – Lions identify the world’s most crucial needs and provide humanitarian aid where it’s needed most.
  6. Hunger – Lions strive to improve food security and access to nutritious food to help alleviate hunger.
  7. Vision – Lions help prevent avoidable blindness and improve quality of life for people who are blind or visually impaired.
  8. Youth – Lions support young people so they can make positive choices, lead healthy and productive lives, and become the next generation of service leaders.

The Club is a 501c4 organization and carries out its purpose and objective by conducting a variety of philanthropic activities with emphasis on the eight global Lions causes listed above. Oxnard Noontimes Lions Club general membership meetings are held the first and third Friday of each month at Tomas Café; 622 South A Street; Oxnard, CA 93030. General membership meetings begin at 12 noon, but you are welcome to come earlier to purchase and eat lunch with fellow Club/Foundation members before the meeting formally begins. We hold our Board of Directors meeting on the 2nd Friday of each month at various locations and times and all Club/Foundation members are welcome to attend.

The Oxnard Noontimers Lions Foundation, an arm of the Oxnard Noontimers Lions Club, began operations in 2013 and is a 501c3 non-profit charity organization. This is where most of the charity work and donations are carried out. Because the Foundation is a 501c3 organization, donations are tax deductible. The Oxnard Noontimers Foundation is chartered by, and under the direct supervision of, the Oxnard Noontimers Lions Club. Membership in the Oxnard Noontimers Lions Club includes membership in the Oxnard Noontimers Lions Foundation. The Oxnard Noontimers Lions Foundation is a separate entity with its own Board of Directors and financial accounts separate from the Oxnard Noontimers Lions Club.

In 1925, Helen Keller asked the Lions to be knights for the blind a Lions International Convention at Cedar Point. Her call to action was heard and has been answered ever since that momentous day. Listen to a wonderful reenactment of Helen Keller asking for the Lions to be her friends by clicking here.